Online Courses

Level 1 Numerology

This enlightening online course will introduce you to the magical world of PYTHAGOREAN NUMEROLOGY. Discover how your...

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Level 2 Numerology

This enlightening level 2 video course will further develop your knowledge and understanding of PYTHAGOREAN NUME...

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Level 3 Numerology

It's time to take your learning to new heights!  This enlightening Level 3 workshop will deepen your exploratio...

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Level 1 Colour Therapy

In Level 1 you will learn: 7 transformational colours and their psychological and analytical meanings. Higher con...

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Level 2 Colour Therapy

In Level 2 you will learn: How to further activate and harness the power of Colour Therapy for mental, emotional s...

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Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training Program

Do you dream of becoming a leading Colour Therapist? The Colour Mirrors system was founded by Melissie Jolly in 2001...

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Level 1 Cosmic Consciousness

REDISCOVER - REALIGN - REBIRTH   This enlightening, self-paced course helps Starseeds to reconnect to their st...

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Release (4-week wellness journey)

Are you ready to release in 2021? You may know I work with women who are feeling stuck. Women like you, from a varie...

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Your TRUE Colours (12-week wellness journey)

Do you want to experience more freedom, joy and love in your life? During my consciousness-expanding, 12-week o...

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9-Day Angel Meditation Challenge

Do you want to join my powerful 'ANGEL MEDITATION CHALLENGE'? The Angels are here to work for us! So let's get ...

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FREE 7 Week Meditation Challenge

Welcome To The Meditation Challenge A powerful 7-week meditation challenge to rebalance each of your 7 main chakras,...

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