Level 1 Cosmic Consciousness



This enlightening, self-paced course helps Starseeds to reconnect to their starry origins, rediscover their soul purpose and enjoy rebirthing to 5D New Earth energies.

The entire course can be completed in approximately two weeks but because it is self-paced you can complete the modules at your leisure. 


Module 1 - 'REDISCOVER'

  • 3 powerful stages to unveiling your starry origins.


Module 2 - 'REALIGN'

  • 5 stages to finding your soul purpose.
  • 8 stages of 'Awakening'.


Module 3 - 'REBIRTH'

  • Into the portal guided meditation.
  • 5 light code activations to instantly raise your vibration to 5D.
  • How to navigate the fifth dimension.


What You Get

What Others Are Saying...

“During the activations, I experienced a craft full of people welcoming me home - they were all very happy, and a bit larger than life. I had the message that I needed to concentrate more on myself, and my own wellbeing, rather than that of everyone else. Then, I felt an enormous pull of my body as though there was a great load leaving me. At first, I thought it was just the stress of the past few weeks, but then I realised it was my past burdens leaving me. It was a very powerful and surprising feeling. So, onwards and upwards!”

"I held the intention of being open to receiving the love and vibrations coming in. Initially, I heard the message to release and let go for all. I felt guided and protected by Sekmet and my spiritual crew. I experienced being surrounded by tall grey beings with golden bright light and hair. I lay down to be encircled by all with palms of gold rays all around me. I stand to see a vortex spiralling down to me I white lion appears roars and walks away leaving white footprints which I follow. Then boom I am back in my body."

 "The last 11 days have involved the integration of more expansion than all my past Earth days put together. I expected to hit a wall of rejection, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m in a process of setting down the story of the little me, I feel the tearing and even when I use the word “I” now to refer to myself, I really mean “we”. I am stepping away from the labels, roles, and stories of Cassie, but I am aware there will be a vacuum that will try and fill that space with other layers of story.

 Thank you for your love, patience, guidance, and energy as this transition reaches a new phase. It means so much to have you here with me now. I’m ready to finish waking up so I can get to work! This is going to be so much fun.”



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