Your TRUE Colours

A liberating 12 week program empowering wise women to live freely, authentically and passionately!


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Resistance, Fear & Shame

30 days to let go of limiting beliefs & behaviours & gain fresh motivation, vitality, self-belief & empowerment.



 Peace, Patience & Purpose

30 days to gain inner peace, freedom of expression, self-acceptance & a clear vision of your true purpose & direction.



Freedom, Faith & Fulfilment

30 days to renew your sense of hope & faith in the process of life, realign to greater self-awareness & receive higher guidance.

Your TRUE Colours

A liberating 12 week online wellness program empowering wise women experiencing self-doubt, anxiety & fear to live freely, authentically and passionately!

Follow an innovative process of releasing negative emotions, beliefs & behaviours & reconnect to your higher purpose.

Your TRUE Colours Testimonial

Watch a recent testimonial from Joanne Breeze who has experienced a huge transformation on this liberating journey.


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The Wise Women's Guide To Numerology

Discover how your birthdate holds the answer to your true life purpose, personality blueprint, strengths & weaknesses & the best times to embark on new projects & ventures.

This enlightening Level 1 course will provide you with practical guidance on how to interpret your birth date so that you can remember your worth and make better decisions.

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Learn How To Expose & Defeat A Narcissistic Energy Vampire To Stop Them Draining Your Power!

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Rediscover your TRUE Colours so that you can lovingly write the next happy, peaceful and authentic chapter of your life.


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