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Discover Your Biggest Blockage

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👽✨A Book for Starseeds

Join The Evolving Consciousness Of The New Dawn.

Discover Your True Purpose with "The Indigo From Andromeda" E-Book Are you one of the many galactic volunteers who have arrived to experience the New Dawn? If you're feeling out of place, longing to return "home," and have witnessed unusual lights or objects in the sky, then my new e-book is for you. "The Indigo From Andromeda" is a personal account of my awakening journey, told through the lens of colours and numbers. It offers practical tips for navigating this critical time on our planet and discovering your true purpose.


For only AUD 9, you can purchase a copy of this life-changing ebook.

What Is Your Starseed Origin & Purpose?

Starseed Numerology Report

My hand-crafted, 15-page Colour Numerology Reports are still on special for only $59 Australian (Approximately $44 USA based on current exchange rates).

Reports take approximately 5-7 business days to create.

You will discover your:

  • Starseed origins and soul purpose
  • Major strengths and weaknesses
  • Best times to embark on new projects
  • Personality blueprint
  • Peak years of maturity
  • Key astrological and tarot attributes
  • Beneficial Colour Mirrors influences
  • How to rebalance your energetic bodies

Order Your Personalised Starseed Numerology Report

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Colour Mirrors

Dual Coloured Oil Bottles

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Colour Mirrors

Dual Coloured Rollerball Chakra Set

Great for adults and kids!

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Colour Mirrors

Essence Sprays

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Before anything, why not join my growing community of over 4000 Starseeds on Youtube to access more than 200 consciousness-expanding FREE videos.

Residential Wellness Retreats

Join us on an upcoming, uplifting, exclusive retreat in WA. (Image shows a recent retreat venue). Click the photo for further details.

Book A Wellness Consultation (Zoom)

ENJOY A 60-MINUTE WELLNESS CONSULTATION TO RECONNECT WITH YOURSELF NOW My consultations are specifically designed to help you to identify, understand and release your limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging subconscious programs, negative emotions and disruptive behaviours. AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE


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