FREE 7 Week Meditation Challenge

Welcome To The Meditation Challenge

A powerful 7-week meditation challenge to rebalance each of your 7 main chakras, helping you to feel more clarity, focus and direction. 

Thanks for joining my '7 Week MEDITATION CHALLENGE'

Over the next 49 days, you will be embarking on an epic journey through your main 7 chakras. The destination? More CLARITY, FOCUS & DIRECTION.

I will be releasing the next stage of the process weekly via a colourful video meditation. All you have to do is allocate a 12-15 minute space in your day where you will not be disturbed to relax, breathe and listen. Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Week 1 - RED Base (Release Resistance)

Week 2 - ORANGE Sacral (Eliminate Fear)

Week 3 - YELLOW Solar Plexus (Dissolve Doubt & Shame)

Week 4 - GREEN Heart (Remember To Forgive)

Week 5 - BLUE Throat (Communicate Freely)

Week 6 - INDIGO Third-Eye (Rediscover Soul Purpose)

Week 7 - VIOLET Crown (Reconnect & Shine)

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun along the way and be persistent.

It takes 30 days to make a habit or break a habit and at least 7 weeks for a proper transformation!

I hope you enjoy the ride!


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